Las Vegas Fence Permits / Codes

Las Vegas Fence Permit Application

Temporary Fences

Temporary fences or fencing may be chain link but approved with a Las Vegas Fence permit for a limited time while developing the property or if it is a vacant lot.

Fence heights

Depending on your zoning and land use you do have some restrictions when it comes to how high you may build a fence in the City of Las Vegas. give us a call to see if we can help.

Decorative or iron fencing in the City of Las Vegas

A Las Vegas Fence permit is currently required for any fence over 2' tall in the city of Las Vegas building department city limits but we expect that with the new administrative codes being released that you will soon be able to build a fence up to 6' tall without a Las Vegas Fence Permit.

Las Vegas Fence Permit Applications

If you are looking for a Las Vegas Fence permit application form then we have links available to download them here.

the link above was for a single lot but click here if you are looking for a multiple lots Las Vegas Fence or Wall permit application.


When the new Administrative Building code is released we have reason to believe that permits will not be required for fences up to 6' tall as long as they meet the zoning requirements and minimum set backs required by the building department.

Do I need a Las Vegas Fence Permit

Yes, most of the time a fence permit is required for the city of Las Vegas unless your fence is under 2' tall.