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Chain Link Fence


Residential Chain Link Fences

Chain link is becoming harder to get approved by the local building departments for use in residential areas but is still the most economical and widely used fence for residential yards and dog runs.

Commercial Chain link Fence

Commercial properties is really where chain link stands above everything else. With its economical approach to security and allowing plenty of options in height, barbed wire and razor wire you can get your security without breaking the bank.  you can find commercial chain link around parking lots, storage yards, in warehouses, dividing properties and more.

Colored Chain Link Fence

Add a little flare and style to your chain link fence with our vinyl coated chain link fence products.

Available in our standard colors of Black, Green & Brown but other colors are available so just ask.

Chain Link Fence Slats

Chain link fence slats are perfect to add a little privacy to your fence. while it does not offer the same complete privacy of screen or wood fence it does last a long time in even extreme weather conditions. Chain Link Privacy  Slats come in standard colors of grey, tan, green, white, brown, redwood, & blue. Looking for better privacy? try Privacy Link pre-slatted fence wire. ask us today (702) 850-2488

Chain Link Barbed Wire

Barb Wire can be added to almost any chain link fence but keep in mind it is standard across almost all building departments that you only install it above 6' and must not stick beyond the property line.

Razor Wire

Razor Wire gives you the most security and can be very intimidating to people looking to break into your property or climb your fence. we recommend it anytime you need a little extra layer of fence security. Note that most building fence codes require that you do not install razor wire under 8' in height on walls or fence. check with your local building department fence codes or give us a call.

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