Clark County Fence Code - Quick Information

Do I need a permit?


Fence permits are not required for fences up to 6' tall but zoning restrictions sill apply .

Is Chain Link Fence Allowed?


Yes, but generally it is only allowed in commercial and industrial applications but has some limited uses in residential on a case by case basis. Chain link fence is allowed around vacant lots until the property is developed. need more info on chain link fence in Clark County, NV?  (702) 850-2488 

Is Iron Fence Allowed?


Iron fence is allowed in Clark County, NV. Iron fence is the easiest to get approved for a permit since it is the building departments preferred style of fence in Clark County, Nevada. Iron fence height has some restrictions however so check out the height and location restrictions for Iron fence.

Clark County Fence Code Information

Additional Information

 The Clark County Building Administrative Code provides the following definitions for fences and walls. 

Fence means a structure of material such as wrought iron, wire, chain link, decorative metal, wood, screen, vinyl, plastic, etc … erected for purposes of enclosure, division of property or decoration.

Wall means a structure of stone, brick, masonry, concrete or other similar permanent material erected for purposes of enclosure, division of property or decoration. 

Both fences and walls require a fence permit unless exempted by the Clark County Building Administrative Code. Clark County Building Administrative Code section 22.02.190 exempts the following fences/walls from a permit. 

Clark County Comprehensive Planning Development Code Title 30 does not allow chain-link fencing along street frontages. 

Decorative fences that include decorative block require a permit.  Fencing not over 6 feet high and not part of a pool barrier.  Walls including retaining walls not over 24 inches in height at any location.  Repair of block walls 6 feet in height or less and the repair is no greater in length than 20 linear feet. In order to acquire a permit to construct a fence/block wall, the documents outlined below are required to be submitted for review and approval. 

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