Barbed Wire Fencing


Barbed Wire on Walls

Barb wire is typically installed above a chain link fence but it can also be installed on top of a block wall or other type of building or fence wall. Using custom made barb arms or brackets welded to 4" x 4" , 3" x 3" or tabs we can attach the barb wire to a wall with ease and to quickly secure a property.

Barb wire on fences

Most codes require you to only install barb wire and barb wire arms above 6' but you also see it used a lot in farms or agricultural fencing to keep animals either in or out. Most commonly in a metropolitan town like Las Vegas you will see it used above chain link fences.

Domestic & Import Barb Wire

If you have ever shopped for barb wire then you might hear the terms "Domestic" or "Import". Well, it's exactly as it sounds and nothing more. Domestic Barb Wire was made here in the USA and Import Barb Wire was imported from over seas most likely. Most if the time unless it has been specifically called out for by a government or state agency then imported barbwire is used.

BarbLess or Barbed Wire

4 point barb wire is your most common barb wire used and means that you will get 4 barbs per foot along the wire. there are other types but 4 point barb wire is your most economical. If you are looking for barbless or other styles give us a call.

Barb Wire Specials

*Buy 4 rolls and get 20% off (applies to retail customers only)