Las Vegas Fence, #1 In Customer Satisfaction in the Las Vegas Fence area.

Las Vegas Fence, #1 In Customer Satisfaction in the Las Vegas Fence area.

Las Vegas Fence, #1 In Customer Satisfaction in the Las Vegas Fence area.Las Vegas Fence, #1 In Customer Satisfaction in the Las Vegas Fence area.Las Vegas Fence, #1 In Customer Satisfaction in the Las Vegas Fence area.

Over 30 years of combined experience in the Las Vegas area providing excellent service and a superior quality of fence work.

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Las Vegas Fence Installation

  • Chain Link Fence Installed
  • Iron Fence Panels Fabricated & Installed
  • Wood Fence Built to fit your property needs.
  • Custom Gates Built and Hung correctly the first time.
  • Automatic Gates Installed on residential & commercial properties.
  • Bollards Set in Ground or Plated to concrete slabs.
  • Guard Rail for Vehicles or Pedestrians to keep you safe.
  • Batting Cages & Golf Fencing to practice your favorite sports.
  • Warehouse Fence Plated to floor with concrete anchors drilled.
  • Storage Fence & Cages to enclose your assets and valuables.
  • Privacy Fencing with Slats or Screen to visually block off your yard.
  • Railing Along Sidewalks or Fall Protection to keep people safe.
  • Pipe Gates With Secure Locks to block roads or parking lots.
  • Barbed Wire On Fence & Walls to secure your property.
  • Razor Wire Above a Las Vegas Fence or Walls can add another layer of security.
  • Baseball Dugout Fencing for your ball-field installed quickly.
  • Baseball Sideline Fence goes great with ball-field fencing.
  • Bridge Decking & Fence can be installed to met your specs.
  • Dog Kennel or Dog Runs for any size dogs can be built.
  • School Fencing around private and public school playgrounds.
  • Sport Court Fences can be great for your back yard.
  • Stainless Steel Railing is perfect when you need a rust free railing.
  • View Screening Fence to block the view of unwanted areas.
  • Wind Barrier Fencing to help block that harassing winds entering.

Fence Materials

  • Chain Link Wire & Post fence materials in stock and ready to pick up.
  • Iron Fence Panels for 3', 4' 5' and 6' high are in stock today.
  • Wood Fence Panels and Posts can be ordered for any size job.
  • Vinyl Rails & Posts of many sizes and colors to look at.
  • Custom Gates built to fit your exact opening and needs.
  • Wind Screen of many sizes and styles to choose from in stock.
  • Privacy Slats with locking bottoms to prevent them from coming out.
  • Gate Hardware for all types of roll and swing gates ready to pick up.
  • Fence Tools for both chain link and iron fence can be purchased here.
  • Temporary Las Vegas Fence Panels & Stands for pick up or delivery to your location. Budget fence materials for any size project.

Las Vegas Fence Permits & Plans Info

With over 25 years of experience Las Vegas Fence has learned a thing or two about permits and submitting plans to the building departments. Tell us about your project and let us help you. If you have been having trouble figuring out if you are in the County, City of Las Vegas Fence Permits, Henderson or North Las Vegas then give us a call and we will look it up for you.

Where we work


Highway & Freeways in Nevada

Public works projects for NDOT, Fixed works fence projects, Highway fence with guardrail and non electric signage for freeways with chain link fence. Nevada Department of Transportation has a standard design for wildlife fencing and how they want the fence built and our crews will not stray from that fence detail or leave the project until both we and the the State is happy with the project. Las Vegas Fence can match your design or help create a fence that will meet strict design review for freeways, roads, and highways that require fencing.

Correctional Facilities Fence in Nevada

Detention centers, prison fences, correctional detention centers, adult jails and juvenile detention center fencing. Security Razor Wire fence above chain link with barbed wire. No climb fence wire is common and readily available for installation at anytime. Our crews will meticulously log each tool and fence related item to make sure they do not leave behind anything that could be used my inmates or others. Las Vegas Fence takes security seriously and it shows in the level of professionalism our company is proud to show.

Airports & Department of Aviation Fence in Nevada

Airport fences, security fencing for department of homeland security, runway security perimeter fencing. Secure area air side fencing and security cages. Department of aviation public railing and decorative fence. DOA has been required to upgrade areas of their fence by "DHS" Department of Homeland Security. DHS has made our traveling safer by requiring stronger airport fencing and even adding an extra row of razor ribbon above some existing airport fences. When you add crash rated cable systems and maximum security airport fences we all benefit by knowing that the airport is safer because of the fence upgrades.

Schools & Daycare Fences in Nevada

Public and private school fencing can be both Iron fence or chain link fence. fencing and gates for high schools, grade school gates, daycare code fence and rails. child safe fencing for playgrounds and sports or sporting fields. Dug out fencing and sideline fence for baseball fields for schools. Sport complex fencing and school fencing is not necessarily for security but most the time for safety and to control the flow of students and guests. Chain link fence is primary used around school tennis courts and fields but you will see iron gates and railing at entrances to schools and throughout the school property or parking lots. School bus stop areas are starting to add bollards and safety railing to keep students safe while waiting for buses on campuses as well. next time you are at a college look around and see what types of fencing they have.

Federal & Local Government Fence in Nevada

Federal building fences and local government chain link or iron fence with security gates for government employees and visitors. parking lot security fencing for high security locations and areas that are open to the public that need driveway barriers. Crash barriers, bollards and automatic devices to prevent attacks and keep government employees safe is growing and we are constanlty sending out quotes for protection fences and posts.

High Security Facilities in Nevada

High security fencing for facilities that require the next level of protection from intruders and unwanted guests. Heavy duty fence posts and security panels made from chain link, expanded metal, heavy iron fence or other materials used for high security fencing.

Utility Companies And Power Plants

If you are looking for a non conductive fence to be used at a power plant or under utilities then we got you covered at Las Vegas Fence. Grounded fences, non conductive fencing, utility gates, access gates for water treatment plants and other public and private utility companies like Nevada Power, Clark County Water Reclamation, Henderson Water Authority and more. Lake mead and hover dam have lots of fencing around the generators and access points to keep people away and safe.

Solar Fields And Growing Facilities

With new solar fields popping up every day it seems, it keeps Las Vegas fence busy with sending out proposals and saving our customers money on the installation or even supplying the fence materials. Agriculture is booming as well in Nevada with new grow farms needing fence to meet the strict security fence requirements for growing suppliers they have become great customers for the fence industry. Solar Fields are typically chain link and can be e 6', 7' or even 8' high fencing sometimes.

Gold & Silver Mines for Nevada Division of Minerals

Gold and silver mines can be found all around Nevada and most of them require fencing for security and safety reasons. Nevada Divisions Of Minerals has a minimum standard for fence that should be built around mine shafts. typically built using t-posts, barbwire with posts spaced 8 foot apart without fence stays or 12' apart if you use fence stays for the barbwire. 4 Strand barb wire, 4' high to top wire, 5 to 6' High T-posts planted solidly and at least one warning sign on the fence.

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Las Vegas Fence company is your top rated installer and supplier of quality fence materials, with a Nevada State Contractors License # 81535 we are a full service installation and supply company that services all of Clark County, NV including North Las Vegas & Henderson. We have specialized fence installers for residential, commercial & Industrial fencing. Contact us by phone, email or in person to book a free fence proposal. Chain Link gates, Iron fence & railing & Automatic Access Gates for communities are just some of the areas we excel in and would love to show you why we are rated #1 in customer satisfaction and customers keep coming back for free quotes and quality workmanship by our team of professional fence installation crews.

Fence in Las Vegas

Top Rated Fence Company in Las Vegas, NV

There may be many fence businesses in Las Vegas, no company will make you feel as happy and glad you chose to use them as you will fill when you chose Las Vegas Fence. We’re the best because we truely care about the first-class service you deserve and for the quality of fence work we provide. Our customers constantly feel completely satisfied after getting a job finished by way of our top-rated Vegas fence installers. We simply care about our custmers and the quality of the fence and how it reflects on or reputation with you, and that’s at the same time as we’ll continually do our best to build a quilty fence. Whether you’re contemplating getting a fence made from iron, PVC, wood, or chain link, our Las Vegas, NV fence company will use the top-quality materials with your fence installation or repair. Although we are a pinnacle Las Vegas fence business, we won’t treat you like a business. We are grateful to have you as a customer, and we’re devoted to listening intently to your needs and executing them with ability and precision. So get a fence hooked up or repaired with us today – we’re positive you will be pleased.

Iron Fence Repair in Las Vegas,NV

Iron fence repairs aren’t going to be the cheapest style. However, we are one of the top rated fence repair contractors in Las Vegas, NV so we can guarantee that even though it might be a bit higher in price than chain link it will be worth it. Why? Well, that is because we best use the absolute first-rate supplies and fence installers around. You don’t need to worry about the quality of your fence after we are done and thinking what is that peculiar dent or stain on the fence is or maybe why some parts appear to be floating off the ground at the same time as others are more secure. You don’t need to be that person that spends a lot of money on a fence to realize that it became a whole waste of time. That in no way occurs with the the right fence company in Las Vegas, Nevada. We can even look all over the fence and locate any issues that could pop up at a later date. We are the first-class fencing contractors in Las Vegas, NV because we are not afraid to answer any of your questions and provide you a few recommendations on how to save you any future problems and how to higher maintain the fence.

Affordable Iron Fence in Las Vegas, NV

Why is an iron fence is right for you! Iron fences are a stunning addition to any home, business, and pool! Not best that but they also provide you with a strong feel of security. Iron fences are very durable and very sturdy, it’ll take a whole lot of pulling and probably more than one accidents to bend those bar if you chose the best fencing contractor in Las Vegas, NV. It is time to get your iron fence, from the most trusted fence company in Las Vegas, NV call Las Vegas Fence Companies today for a free quote. If Iron fence seems a little out of your current budget then let us help you with some less expensive fencing styles. Chain link and woven wire fencing can sometimes be used in Las Vegas, NV when you need some security without going over your budget. We have standard sizes and prefabricated panels with standard colors that can greatly reduce the costs of installing an Iron fence in Las Vegas, NV. 

Las Vegas Fence Installation Contractors

 With all the fence contractors in Las Vegas, we are rated #1 in Customer Satisfaction for a reason. But that didn’t become true overnight. We’re an established well known fence company that’s been run by people who know Las Vegas, NV and realize the ins and outs, and the rights and wrongs of Vegas fence materials and installation. Being the #1 in the fence business sincerely doesn’t come from getting patting yourself on the back and being complacent with your own efforts. Our goal as a  Las Vegas, NV fence contractor pushes us up to date with the latest techniques and products concerned with fence repair and installation. To do the first-class work means running with most effective pinnacle-satisfactory materials and operating with them well. To set ourselves aside as a five-megastar Vegas fencing company means constantly focusing at the little details that turn a fence project right into a memorable one. The sort of fence you is a fence that was constructed by an expert fence contractors who has built up a long lasting fence that is decorative and will protect your private home or commercial building. That’s the form of fence our fence company in Las Vegas, Nevada need to build for you.

Top Fence Contractors in Las Vegas

Fence installation and repair in Las Vegas is a competitive market. There are limited residences and commercial properties that want fencing, and each fence contractor on the town wants a bit of the action. It almost looks as if they’ll promise anything for your business. Well, a real experienced Las Vegas fence employer doesn’t work that way. We enjoy sharing our fence knowledge and constantly build quality fences to do the talking for us. Sturdy, reliable fencing, careful and specialized repair, and tremendous customer service are all motives why our customers keep coming back. We never try to cut quality by way of using much less than top-first-class materials. And we’ll in no way overcharge you because of our own gradual work pace. Our expert Las Vegas contractors build quality fence both speedy and efficiently for you. A great fence job that gets done rapid and lasts an extended time. You’ll by no means be concerned about a fence when we are done that doesn’t offer right security or does so even as looking much less than presentable. Our fences double as providers of security and pure aesthetic appeal.

Top Fencing Company in Las Vegas Nevada

An iron fence that can protect your property and/or commercial building in Las Vegas, NV by a fencing installation contractor company for wood, PVC, iron, chain link fence can come up with great ideas that are made from, wood, iron, chain link or PVC! We are one the the best fencing companies in Las Vegas for a large number of reason, but considered one of them is that we care about you. We don’t need to simply barge onto your residential or commercial property and quickly build up a fence! We want to sit down with you, pay attention to what you want and see how we are able to deliver you a fence that brings you both pleasure and security. You can assume while we are considered the best fencing contractor in Las Vegas, Nevada when it comes to your private home and/or commercial enterprise that we will deliver the best fence quality for the right price. The quality is in the materials, the first-class set up process, and the superior customer service; how’s that for the premiere fence set up company in Las Vegas?

Affordable Fence Installation in Las Vegas, NV

A Jacuzzi or swimming pool can be the exceptional part of your home, specially on those super-hot days. However, a pool can also be a supply of fear if you have youngsters or, pretty frankly, you need to make sure you have the right pool fence to keep your family safe from pool related accidents in Las Vegas, NV. Our fence company does not want this to occur to you; and that’s why we provide you with the very best first-class pool fencing around! We can come by for a free fence quote and set up a beautiful wonderful custom fence for your pool that has a self-closing and/or self-locking gate! That is in reality a weight off you back and peace of mind for you so you don’t need to worry about being up to pool code in Las Vegas, NV if you left the pool gate open or if a curious infant can get inside somewhere they should not be! Las Vegas, NV fencing installation companies for wood, iron, PVC, chain hyperlink fences can provide you with a pool fence that no longer most effective keeps you and others safe but is also pretty stylish. You realize that having a pool fence is a superb idea and it'll keep anyone safe… but it can be so unsightly and it will conflict with the whole property if not built correctly! Well, now not while you go with the top rated fence installation company in Las Vegas, Nevada. We can promise to provide you a pool fence this is beautiful, high high-quality and cost-effective. Also, being the best fence company in Las Vegas, NV, we will also come and repair your fence and neutralize any problems that may be arising!

Best Custom Fence Builders in Las Vegas, NV


When you get your fence executed by using a fence company in Las Vegas, NV that isn’t Las Vegas Fence it shows… A lot. See, other fence companies in Las Vegas, NV will cover up the truth that they aren’t using great materials for your custom fence builders with a bit paint and a possible lack of understanding on your part. Then you need to get your fence repaired weeks after it was installed due to the fact a criminal was able to bend your iron bars and slip onto the property. We are certainly one of the quality fencing contractors in Las Vegas, NV because we will set up your fence flawlessly the initial time. However, even we can’t prevent natural disasters; so fence restore is inevitable. (We can stop it from occurring as speedy as weeks though, don’t worry.) Our fence crews in Las Vegas will now not be sloppy or do a quick patch at the fence job and call it finished! We will work carefully with our grade A products and repair any issues. Aside from that, we will carefully search all over your commercial or residential fence to locate if any other problems are slowly sneaking up on you. We will then fix those problems as well and also offer you advice on how to save you the problems or at least keep them off for a lot longer so you can save money.

Highest Rated Fence Contractors in Las Vegas, NV

 If you need to avoid the unease that comes with hiring a labor worker whose capacity is questionable, go along with the first-class inside the first area with the Highest rated top Las Vegas Fence Builder. Our top-rated fence installation and repair installers want to present you a worry-free experience. Go with the best for your electric gate repair and or gate installation. Installing a gate with all the accessories and hardware can take meet your cost budget. Don’t spend any more than you need to with awful fence companies who couldn’t care less. Rather, use an experienced Vegas fence contractor who've proven to have experience and knowledge of the fence business and won’t charge you a dime more than is necessary. We’ll building your fence and we’ll work fast so that you don’t need to pay extra labor costs. Our fence company is known for providing amazing client service. We continually prove ourselves and know how to find the solutions to your fence repair and installation questions before you even ask them.


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